Brother Paul Ro’eh has a Hebrew Roots ministry called “Shma Yisrael 7 Ministry Group.”  YHVH (through Brother Paul Ro’eh ) has now provided us with a “Jerusalem Connection.”  Paul (along with his family and assistant pastors) have moved permanently to Israel to start a Kibbutz.

I have been sharing the Greater Second Exodus with Paul, which he has embraced. He has also agreed to welcome those of you that wish to go to Israel to participate in the gathering of “the Remnant of Israel” when it begins. 

They can use your prayers and support.

More information concerning “Shma Yisrael 7 Ministry Group” can be found on the web at: or on Facebook at


For those of you that feel prompted to move to Israel at this time, there is a volunteer program that can help keep you into the country of Israel for an extended period of time.  As a volunteer, you would get a room and a stipend.

VOLUNTEER ISRAEL can be found on FaceBook at 


There is a way if you wish to stay in Israel and not be affiliated with any organization. Simply enter Israel with a 90-day visa.  Once there, you can get an additional 90 days.  When the second 90 days are up, you would have to leave for a short period and then re-enter with a new 90-day visa and repeat.

The Gathering of the Remnant of Israel