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HIidden within the Passover Feast is a message meant for the Remnant of Israel. 


Earth is on a collision course with a celestial body called Wormwood




In this the third discussion of a three part series, we consider what  we must do to prepare for the gathering of the Remnant.                                                                                                                          Recorded April 20, 2020



According to the prophetic scriptures, YHWH is going to gather the Remnant back to “the Land” of Israel in a Greater Second Exodus which is predicted to have a similar outcome to the first Exodus from Egypt.                                                                                     Recorded July 21,1019


Ephraim has a problem problem, which is that these descendants of the “lost ten tribes of the house of Israel” don’t realize that they are captives in the land of their “enemy.”                 Recorded April 25, 2020


This video addresses the idea that the world is about to be judged and that the Remnant of Israel are going to be gathered back to “the Land” where they will be protected, during the apocalypse, so that they will be physically alive to greet the Son of Man at His return.                                                                                                  Recorded January 17,2020

The Gathering of the Remnant of Israel